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Security concern for SMS verification codes?

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more and more attention is paid to network security, and the requirements for receive SMS online as authentication are getting higher and higher. People have begun to impose some restrictions on SMS verification codes, such as time limit and number of times. Restrictions, wrong restrictions, etc. The purpose of this is to prevent some people from maliciously repeatedly obtaining the verification code, which brings excessive pressure to the server, which leads to the failure of normal operation and affects the normal use of other users.

The time limit is divided into two parts, one is the time interval limit, and the other is the effective time limit. Like when entering the verification code, we all know that there is a time interval for obtaining the verification code on the website or APP, usually 60 seconds, and the verification code can only be re-obtained after 60 seconds. The valid time limit of the verification code is to prevent criminals from using various means to crack and use it, resulting in various losses.

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The number of times to request the verification code is limited, and it is not necessary to request a few times. Generally, companies will limit the number of times the verification code can be obtained by the same account in a day to avoid frequent invalid clicks by some users and affect the normal operation of the system. If you encounter a user who uses the same mobile phone number to send verification code requests to the background for multiple times, after reaching the limit of the number of times, it will be marked as a dangerous account, may be pulled into the blacklist, and the number will not be available Normal use.

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Users cannot frequently and incorrectly verify the same type of needs. For example, when members change their passwords or register certain accounts, they cannot always enter the SMS verification code correctly. If the number of times exceeds the limit, the verification will be Treated as invalid. Because the general verification code SMS will be sent in a very short time, and the user can input it within the effective time. Therefore, in order to prevent malicious attempts to input and protect the security of the account, an error restriction requirement is set.



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