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My mobile phone suddenly receives a large number of sms – receive sms online

SMS verification codes that are not operated by me?

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Do not panic. There is no need to change the number, and set the keywords “verification” and receive SMS online in the mobile phone SMS harassment interception, and normal use will not be affected.

Usually this kind of sudden receipt of a large number of non-personal verification codes should be due to the SMS interface being swiped. However, in this case, more important information may be hidden: for example: using a large number of SMS bombings to cover up consumer notifications. Generally our mobile phones There will always be some shopping websites or third-party platforms that bind bank cards. When some fraudulent platforms steal user information for purchase operations, the verification code SMS is the first line of defense.

Therefore, in order to break through this line of defense, the fraudulent platform will pretend to be a user through the stolen information about you, inspiring a large number of platform verification notifications. The mobile phone receives a large number of verification text messages in an instant, and they still have no impression of them. Most users will definitely empty them as spam text messages. As everyone knows, your consumption records will also be emptied.

Therefore, in such a situation, do not empty it or ignore it in anger. Check the verification code SMS for notifications about consumption records. Once found, immediately freeze the bound bank card account and call the police. For these bombings SMS, you can also complain to the operator.

Seeing that many friends have encountered the same problem, I will share my follow-up. The phone I encountered was iOS. After being bombarded by text messages, I found an app called text message blocker. The free version I used, which can set 3 keywords, I set the “quota, refund Order, verify” and most of the verification text messages are blocked.

Although it is blocked, it will be received. You can see it in the filtered information. Those using iOS should understand where to look. This is very important because you have to review whether there is any information related to your money in the SMS from the bank. I am very worried that the other party will deliberately block or turn off the SMS through SMS bombing, and then you will not see the receipt in the transfer. If the text message is not found in time, it will be troublesome to follow. Of course, I have also taken proactive measures. For the more important shopping websites, eBay and Amazon, I have changed my mobile phone number to verify. This should also be paid attention to to prevent the other party from using your account to pay in installments. There are also Paypal, banking apps, etc. In short, I have changed the verification numbers for important money-related apps.

Then, I continued to be bombed while reviewing important information regularly. About the past half a month, the bombing text messages became less and less, and then it returned to normal. In short, no matter whether the other party has a purpose or a prank, we should all be more cautious. In addition, I don’t think it is safe to shut down or shut down the SMS function through the operator.



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