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How does SMS verification code works?

Receive SMS Online - SMS verification code

Receive SMS Online Are widely used in various industries, especially in business links. Scenarios such as user registration, fund payment, password retrieval, etc. all require the use of SMS verification code for identity verification. To implement these SMS verification code APIs, you need to connect to the SMS verification code interface of the SMS platform company. When we make the SMS verification code interface, we need to consider the aspects of “efficiency, security, reliability, and qualification”.

“Efficient” means that the receive SMS online needs to be sent to the user’s mobile phone efficiently, 5~10 seconds is the best, too slow sending speed will make the user experience poor, and even lead to user loss. Therefore, when we are doing the SMS verification code interface docking test, the sending speed of the SMS should be the first indicator we consider.

“Guarantee” refers to the protection of the SMS verification code interface and the protection of data. The guarantee of the verification code interface means that the interface must have the ability to prevent machine registration and resist interface attacks. The so-called data protection means to prevent data leakage, and it is necessary to perform encryption protection during the transmission of interface data. When choosing a platform, pay attention to see if its platform company has good data protection performance.

“Reliable” means that mobile phone users can successfully receive the verification code SMS at any time. To achieve this, in addition to requiring a high success rate of SMS messages sent by SMS platform companies, it also requires us to select SMS verification code interfaces that should have alternative measures to deal with scenarios where users cannot receive SMS verification codes. After the user obtains the SMS verification code for the first time, we can add options for voice verification, SMS uplink verification, or email verification to provide users with alternatives when they fail to receive the verification code SMS to prevent the loss of new users.

“Qualification” refers to checking the company’s qualifications. From the corporate information query website, you can find detailed information about the company, such as: establishment time, registered capital, shareholder information, etc. For listed companies, we can even more check the details of their business operations from their annual reports. View corporate qualifications. In addition to some basic ones such as: business license, value-added business license, computer software copyright registration certificate; a good SMS platform should also have a third-party certification certificate and an award certificate.



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