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Latest 5 Free Websites to Receive SMS Online Without Real Phone Number – May 2021

We are living in a world of new established trendy Free Apps and Online Services, however it often having you not just signing up with email address but often required a phone number for 2-step authentication to participate.

This has concerned a lot of users frustrated in exposing personal identity to web services and fears of leak of our personal information to the public.

Introduce Top 5 Sites to Receive SMS Online Without Real Number

  1. OTP4free Telegram Channel
  2. SMS247.NET
  5. Youtube Channel on How to get free verification code

For this particular reason, some sites offer online verification of phone number via temporary phone number or their disposal numbers and has become an alternative solution to access web services.

The phone number verification works in a way that a temporary number is provided in a website to receive text or sms message generated via OTP SMS from each and every Apps or Web services in which the one time authentication code is displayed in the website to ascertain that the user signed up for the services is a real person.

To protect you privacy, with the ease of using receive sms online sites on your browser whether it's a PC, Mac or any smartphone is capable to receive Text/SMS online. These new sites I am sharing below have been tested to be free with no registration where you receive OTP SMS online without real phone numbers.

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How To Receive SMS Online for Free Without a Real Number

1. OTP4free Telegram Channel

The OTP4free Telegram Channel is a great resource to receive SMS online. You can receive SMS online with the published number in the channel link towards new numbers. You can also use the numbers to sign up or verify for any services like Telegram, Facebook, Google, Gmail, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk etc.

Join the Telegram Channel here

2. SMS247.NET

This is also a newly established website that it can be used to received SMS or Text messages online and protect your personal privacy. Numbers are displayed in the homepage on iOS like grid icon and you can simply pick any number, no registration or sign up is needed for the services, they are free of charge.

Visit the website here

Like its web url says it's one time password authentication for free. The service has been tested to be free of charge without any registration, you are to try out any number provided in the website, the usage is as simple as note down and use the number to sign up for any web services, you are encourage to wait for a while and refresh the page a few times to get messages to show up in the listed number page.

Visit the website here works similar to many sms receive site but this one except that it supports multilingual for up to 50 languages. You may also select any number you like to use on the site to receive SMS anywhere around the world. One of the disadvantages is that sometimes the web loading speed is slower when large number of users are online at the same time.

Visit the site here:

5.Youtube Channel on How to get free verification code.



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